Never Settle

by Marisa Voorhees


Just do them. Don't talk yourself out of it, don't wait. And there's nothing like the sudden loss of someone you know to make you think, "shoooo...There are so many things I want to do."  


I've been doing them, and not blogging. :) What can I say? There's a life to live, people! And, boy, has this last year been amazing. 

- I moved to Orange County. 

- I fell in love.

- I found an amazing yoga community.  

- I've relished in the sunshine and outdoors (although, this heat? Dial. It. Down.)

- I met new friends.  

- I got engaged.  

- I discovered that when you say NEVER as in "I'm never moving to Orange County!", life makes a big fat liar of you, but if you're open to the adventure, that never ends up being awesome.  


While life has been unfolding, I've been living it (mostly) offline. Not to say I won't be back here. Soon. There is a lot coming. A new website. New videos. And events and parties!

In the meantime, you can find recipes from me, posted monthly on Yoga Sol's website - www.yogasolstudio .com/recipes. 

And you can use this site to contact me. Ask me your health questions. Share with me recipes you'd like recreated the gluten-free way. Tell me what recipes and resources you'd like to see on my new site. Give me feedback on how I can help nourish you. More soon!

Now, I'm off to go on some new adventures and to honor a loving life just lost. You should, too. Go! Do them! Go do that thing you keep saying you'll do when you have time. You have more time than you think. Make it happen.