New Again

by Marisa Voorhees

photo (18).jpg

There's a funny thing about being on a quest, just when you think you have it all figured out the Universe decides you can do more/different/better/new. 

It's been 16 months since my SF adventure began. I've had so much to say, and nothing at all (so many my head). I've experienced wonderful, heart-opening adventures, and I've hid under the covers. I've met exuberant, interesting, encouraging friends, and a few people I hope never to shake hands with again. I've discovered new flavors at the farmers markets, and eaten the worst Thai curry ever. No, really. Ever. I've had the honor to chef for the awesomest bunch at Bloodhound, and been through the heartbreak of experiencing a tech company fold. I've let go of things that I thought really mattered and found space and energy for new loves (yoga, thank you). I've had so many starts and stops that I'm finally learning to let go.

Ironic, really, because it's easy to let go in the kitchen, to let it rip when it comes to new ingredients, recipe changes, those five ingredients in the fridge and pantry that have to be used before they go bad. It always makes sense in the mixing bowl; it always has.

Through all of the wild ups and downs and the many go-don't go moments, I've been gifted the chance to play in and out of the kitchen. To nourish myself and others deeply, to celebrate those I care for near and far, and to love greatly the people, the moments, the tears and the laughter. 

The Universe recently undid everything I thought I had going. And in doing so cracked open some new magic. It's inspiring. And yummy. And sometimes scary as sh*t. But, I've got a lot to share. I've been cooking up a storm. So bear with me while site updates are made, stories are shared, and I have a few more starts and stops on this grand adventure. It's going to be delicious.

I've learned, like any great recipe, there's always some adjustment to make it better - an extra teaspoon of this or quarter cup less of that. The magic is in the little adjustments - in the testing, the sampling, the experiencing; in trusting that the end result will be delicious because you've played around with it enough to know it's ok to change. 


A big thanks to a special guy who sent the quote to me just when I needed it most. xox